Sheriff's Sale General Information

NOTE: All Sheriff Sales will done in the front lobby of the Monroe County Court House.


FAX: (740) 472-5132 Email:

All sales are pursuant to the provision of the Ohio Revised Code 2329.15. Our Sheriff Sales are held on Friday mornings at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted at the east door of the Courthouse located at 101 N Main St in Woodsfield OH 43793. All sales will be published with a tentative second sale date.

Properties are advertised for three consecutive weeks in the Thursday edition of the Monroe County Beacon and the Sheriff’s website at This is your legal source of information. Withdrawal orders received by our office are updated as quickly as possible and removed from our website. The withdrawals will also be read at the beginning of each auction. The Sheriff’s office nor any affiliates have access to the inside of said property. Buyer beware and sold as is. Bidding will start at 2/3 rds of the appraised value, unless we are court ordered to change it. All deposits are due at the time of bid, the day of the auction. You will also need to provide a Real Estate Judicial Sale Purchase Information Form the day of the sale. We will accept cash or cashier’s check (payable to yourself) and we will have you endorse if over if you are the winning bidder. The purchaser shall be responsible for costs, allowance, and taxes that the proceeds of the sale are insufficient to cover.

The amount of Deposit required the day of the auction is based on the appraisal amount. All third-party purchasers shall make sale deposit as follows:

If the appraisal amount of the property is:

< / = $10,000 = Deposit of $2,000

> $10,000 </= $200,000 = Deposit of $5,000

> $200,000 = Deposit of $10,000

In every auction of Judicial Sale of Execution of residential property, if the Judgement Creditor is the purchaser, they shall not be required to make a deposit on the sale.

If the sale is at a physical location and not online each Judgement Creditor in the action may submit a remote bid to the Sheriff or PSO via Overnight Delivery, Courier, Fax, Email, a fixed amount delivered to the Sheriff prior to 4:30 PM the Business day BEFORE the day of the sale. The Sheriff shall confirm receipt via email or fax to the Judgement Creditor who entered the bid. That bid shall be placed by the Sheriff or PSO at the time of sale on their behalf.

The Sheriff or PSO shall provide notice of the results not later than the close of the business day on the date of the sale to all who submitted remote bids: via email, fax or posting on a public website.

If the bid is not made on the Judgement Creditor of Lienholders behalf, they can file a motion to vacate the sale within 10 days.

*** The REMOTE BIDDERS will have to provide their information form when they email or fax in their bid***

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