Sheriff Charles R. Black, Jr. is making this brief response concerning the recent release from the radio station. 

There has been and is ongoing an administrative investigation concerning two officers that were employed by this office.   The first Officer Tracy Truax did resign and the second Officer Chase Maffe was terminated.  Due to Officer Maffe’s termination and the ongoing administrative investigation and a union arbitration hearing pending, I cannot go into detail on this matter. 

An administrative investigation is held internally concerning Policy and Procedure regulations.  During an administrative investigation the officers are put under garity.  What this means is the officer has to be truthful and cannot refuse to answer any questions, but also protects the officer due to the fact that none of the information learned during the administrative investigation can held against him in a criminal investigation.  This is why you do not mix an administrative investigation with a criminal investigation.

I have already spoke with the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney and my C.N.A. Union lawyer and we are all on the same page.  If and when, criminal charges come to light on either of these two employees and the administrative investigation is complete, then an outside entity will be requested to view the criminal aspect. 

The comments that have come to light from the recent radios broadcast are not accurate.  I want to assure the Citizens of Monroe County that there is no cover-up, nor, will there be a cover-up.  Some investigations may take months to complete.

I have made this press release on the Monroe County Sheriff’s website, News 7, News 9,  the Monroe County Beacon and the Times Leader.  I’ve also tried to contact the radio station on several occasions but have had negative contact.

If you have any questions on the matter, I have an open-door policy, and can be contacted by phone at my office. 


Thank you for your continued support.

Sheriff Charles R. Black, Jr.