Sex Offender Information

It is very important to be aware of the possibility of a registered Sex Offender living in your neighborhood.  

On July1, 1997 a law went into effect concerning Sex Offender Registration and Notification. Under that law, convicted sex offenders must register for a period of time with their local county sheriffs. Sex offenders are classified as Tier 1 Sex Offender, Tier II Sex Offender, or Tier III Sex Offender. The local Sheriff’s office is required to notify certain residents when a sexual predator or a habitual sex offender, who the court determines is subject to community notification, moves into a specific geographical location.

The following is a link to the Ohio Attorney General's Electronic Sex Offender Registration & Notification (eSORN) searchable website. This database contains information and photographs regarding all registered sex offenders in the State of Ohio. This information is provided by the local county sheriffs.

If you are unsure how to use the Attorney General's website please click the button below.

eSORN-Electronic Sex Offender Registration and Notification Ohio Database

Incarcerated Ohio Sex Offenders

National Sex Offender Public Registry