Are you OK?

In 2009, Monroe County launched the "ARE YOU OK?" Program. The Area Agency on Aging 8 in partnership with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Monroe County Senior Center and County Council on Aging announce a new service called RUOK? This computerized telephone calling system is a free service to seniors 60 and older and disabled adults.

The system consists of a computer, telephone, printer and the RUOK software housed at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office. This was provided through a grant from AAA8. The computer stores subscriber names, numbers and call times. The system automatically calls each person at a predetermined time. When RUOK hears a voice response on the phone it delivers a short pre-recorded message. System operators monitor responses. If the RUOK subscriber does not answer after a pre-set number of call attempts, an alert is given with the emergency contact information and efforts are made to check the subscriber's welfare. The system is designed to check at-risk adults on a daily basis in collaboration with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Charles Black. It is not designed to replace, but to supplement, emergency response systems. Funding support for the program's telephone line was provided by the Monroe County Council on Aging and Ruritan Club as well as AT&T.  For more information, contact the Sheriff's Office or the Monroe County Senior Center at 740-472-1312

If interested in the R-U-OK services please feel out the form below and return it to the Monroe County Dispatcher.

For More Information...

Regarding the "Are You Ok?" Program, please contact:

Sgt. Kevin Warner

YCSO Coordinator
Tel: (740) 472-1612

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