911 Communications Center

Citizens should call 9-1-1 in emergencies that require immediate assistance from police, fire, and/or medical personnel. In non-emergency situations, the local police station (740) 472-1612 Ext. 2, fire department, or hospital should be contacted. 

All 9-1-1 calls in Monroe County are answered by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.  Be prepared to describe in great detail your location and the location of the emergency. Although the 9-1-1 system will display your telephone number and location, the dispatcher must confirm the displayed address or may ask you for more specific location information about the victim(s) or suspect(s).  9-1-1 WILL NOT GIVE CELL PHONE LOCATIONS.

Installing reflective house number signs on residences or mailboxes greatly aid the emergency responders to locate the proper house.  These may be obtained from the MACO Workshop, 47013 State Rte 26, Woodsfield, Ohio (Phone: (740) 472-5445). 

Monroe County 9-1-1 equipment includes a two-position Plant/CML Vesta Pallas telephone system with Orion Vela Mapping at the Sheriff’s Office.  A back-up one position system is located at the EMA Office.  Phillip Keevert, maintains the 9-1-1 equipment.  Phillip Keevert is the Monroe County 9-1-1 Coordinator.

As additional funding becomes available, some potential 9-1-1 projects include: emergency medical dispatch, mass telephone notification, improved road signs, automatic vehicle location on emergency vehicles, increased radio coverage and increased cell phone coverage.

The new NG911 and CAD system provides: Improved Law Enforcement Dispatching, Fire Dispatching and Emergency Medical Dispatching.  Also, improved road address search, automatic vehicle location on emergency vehicles, Text Alerts and Rip & Run reports to all emergency depts.  This new 9-1-1 system was an upgrade to a very old 9-1-1 system that was starting to fail.  Monroe County has moved into the future with the NEW NG911.


Q.  When should you call 911?

A.   In the event of an emergency situaton, you should call 911 immediately if POLICE, FIRE or EMS are needed.   If you just need to speak to a Deputy call the given non-emergency number (740) 472-1612.

Q.  Can I call 911 from a cell phone?

A.  Yes.  

Q.  Will I get in trouble for calling 911 if it is not an emergency?

A.   No.  As long as you have a legitimate concern for calling 911 such as the need for POLICE, FIRE or EMS.  If you call as a prank you could be prosecuted.

Q.  What kind of response time will I see from the POLICE, FIRE or EMS?

A.  Response time should be prompt.  For the POLICE, It depends on where the Officer is or if he/she is currently on another call.  For FIRE and EMS, they generally respond from their home, go to the fire department, and then respond to the call at your location.  As most county FIRE and EMS are volunteer, some response times may take longer.