The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has a Deputy Sheriff specially trained in D.A.R.E. and school resource training. This officer maintains a presence in all of the schools within the Switzerland of Ohio School District. Programs such as drug awareness and seat belt usage are presented to children throughout the school year. D.A.R.E. goes beyond traditional drug abuse and violence prevention programs. It gives children the skills needed to recognize and resist the subtle and overt pressures that cause them to experiment with drugs or become involved in gangs or violent activities. 

D.A.R.E. is Community Policing

D.A.R.E. is universally viewed as an internationally recognized model of community policing. The United States Department of Justice has identified how D.A.R.E. benefits local communities:

D.A.R.E. "humanizes" the police: that is, young people can begin to relate to officers as people

D.A.R.E. permits students to see officers in a helping role, not just an enforcement role

D.A.R.E. opens lines of communication between law enforcement and youth

D.A.R.E. Officers can serve as conduits to provide information beyond drug-related topics

D.A.R.E. opens dialogue between the school, police, and parents to deal with other issues. 

For further information regarding the D.A.R.E program or school resource activities contact Deputy Joe Kress.