2004 - 2013

Kaiser was a 9 year old German Shepherd who had been with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office since October 2007. Deputy Kress took the responsibilities as his handler. Prior to Monroe County Sheriff's Office, Kaiser worked at the Belmont County Sheriff's Office where he was certified as a police officer on February 1st. 2006. Kaiser was donated at the age of 15 months. At this point, Kaiser was taken to Ohio Valley K-9 for an evaluation with trainer Sheila Haggerty. After several weeks of training, Kaiser showed promise and completed his training in January 2006. Kaiser was trained as a dual purpose canine. This means he was certified in two phases; Patrol related and Special Purpose. Patrol covers; Criminal apprehension, canine control and canine searches. Special purpose covers; Tracking, article searches, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and their derivatives. Kaiser has aided on many drug seizures and plans on many more. Kaiser and his handler had to re-certify every two years through OPOTA in order to be a unit.

Kaiser's watch tragically came to an end in 2013 as he succumbed to illness.  Kaiser will be greatly missed by his family friends and co-workers. Kaiser's dedication and service to Monroe County will never be forgotten.